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KNX is the connection with Southern Sugar Association

KNX’s mission is to become a leading provider of supportive export, I.T. and government services in North and South America by delivering unparalleled service, quality and value to each customer.

Our specific goals are:


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We are a professional group of Experts
in Exports Worldwide

Sugar Exporters

We are exporters of high quality sugar in the global market. We Accomplish the growing demand from consumers who are looking for natural and healthy products.

Tea and coffee exporters

We have high quality tea and coffee providers to export them worldwide. Products carefully selected and processed to ensure their distinctive flavor and aroma.

Spices Exporters

At KNX limited Groups we are specialists in the export of spices worldwide, we make sure to establish solid and reliable relationships with suppliers of raw materials.

KNX Operating Divisions

KNX is currently organized and focused into four principle operating groups

Commercial Services

We offer Export services to medium and large size corporations and government agencies.

The largest Division

KNX target several companies in South America, including but not limited to: North America, Central America and Africa
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Consumer Services

Consumer Services provide specialty services to homeowners and commercial facilities

Worldwide Impact

KNX focuses on establishing relationships with subcontractors to provide one or more of these services to customers.
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Management Services

Management Services provide a variety of supportive management services to healthcare, education, industrial customers and total facility management

Data & Strategy

For further analysis in your exactly situation you can contact KNX group for a solution.
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Employer Services

We Provide labor outsourcing services for other Call Center service companies on a fee basis.

Top end Performance

KNX consumer service division will help in retaining quality employees.
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Business Strategy

To become a leading full service import and export organization KNX complies with : 


Safety and Quality

All of our suppliers are Supported by Quality
We work with the best suppliers in the market, all of our products accomplish high international standards for food quality.
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International Markets

We connect international markets
We built and Manage a global distribution network to bring fresh, healthy food from growers to consumers around the world.
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High Volume

Our exports are of larger scales
The high demand for the products we export is fully covered, we have exported more than 10 thousand tons on average per month
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Our Team

Meet our Team

Responsible for leading the management and administration of the company, working closely with the leaders of other areas to ensure that corporate objectives are achieved

Luz Rodriguez
Executive Director

Electronic Engineer with emphasis on high volume data analysis. Specialist in Ecommerce and in the development of new technologies for the impact of KNX

Juan Arroyave
I.T Director

Responsible for setting the organization's long-term vision and strategies, leading the way to success and profitability.

Roderick Rogers
CEO, Founder

Oversees and directs all operational activities of the company, ensuring that objectives are met and a high level of efficiency is maintained in all areas.

Cesar Vargas
Operations Manager
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